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                Why us? 
                -- Main Advantages: 1. Strict double detection system, based on a set of ISO standards;
                2. Equipped with adequate inventory to deal with emergency shipping requirements;
                3. Quick response and rapid transport chain;
                4. With the best quality and most competitive price in China market;
                5. International Lab detection: SGS and Intertek;
                6. Perfect and solid packing for each shipment;
                --Customer Complaint Handling Procedure
                1. Record the content of the complaint;
                2. Determine whether the complaint is reasonable;
                3. Submit to the complaint department and choose the person to be responsible for this complaint;
                4. Analyze the reason;
                5. Put forward the specific solution based on the customers’ complaints;

                6. Carry out the solution;
                7. We promise to accept return and exchange goods if any quality problems appear;







                  Zibo Hailan Chemical Co., Ltd. E-mail:andrew-niu@hailanchem.cn
                Main Products:Carboxy methyl cellulose Polyanionic cellulose Xanthan Gum Series Guar Gum Hydroxyethyl Cellulose(HEC)